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Step into the world of a child

The innocents of a child can stop you in your tracks and tug at your heart with out the child even knowing. So I thought I would share. When Scarlett likes a outfit she ask if I can save it for her for when she is grown.. I say ok .. So today she is dressed really cute and I asked her can you save your outfit for when I get big ? Her response " You will be in Heaven" 😳so I responded that is not so bad I will be the angel that is with you always I will watch over you 😀 her come back ... but I won't be able to hug you 😞 so my soulful baby made me cry. Life is fragile, relationships scared tell your family and friends you love them, give hugs freely. Step into the world of a child and see things beautiful & new with a innocent dose of reality. 😘

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