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A Callous Heart VS His Greater LOVE


I love you for letting me share a small piece of my heart today. I know this message is little long, and I'm sure many of you may not read this post. However, I hope for the ones who do it will bless your soul.

I wrote A Callous Heart on November 30, 2018, after going through a life experience that left a scar on my heart. With today being Good Friday, I thought it would be a good day to share my thoughts from that pivotal time in my journey.

A Callous Heart

When someone is not thoughtful and opens a wound in the heart of another and selfishly turns away. Are they so self-absorbed they can’t see the injury they have caused, or does it go much deeper? Turning away no matter the reason is callous and does not diminish the action that caused the pain. It does not make the pain non-existent. It can actually make the wound deeper, and possibly takes the wound longer to heal. Turning away is something I will never understand??? I hope and pray that I could never be that person. My heart would not allow my mind to rest knowing I caused anyone that kind pain.

Jesus knows this kind of pain, he personally has felt the anguish that this type of action causes. He trusted 12 men that walked the earth with him. They all professed to love him, and they all acted like his friend. Callously one by one they all turned away. Leaving him to stand alone in his darkest hour, and yet ... HE LOVED ❤️ them anyway...... His strength along with his indescribable LOVE for us reaches far beyond heaven and earth. This kind of LOVE ❤️ boggles my mind and leaves me standing in awe… 😍 I cried out to him, please teach me how to love like you do.

My Fathers love and time has taught me when your heart has been wounded by someone and you can find it in your soul to not respond callously. Instead you reach out and offer them your unconditional love, expecting nothing in return... That my friend, is how and when the greatest internal transformation of your heart occurs. The chains are broken, the wounds heal, and you are freed to experience the most incredible unselfish love known to man!!! You will be filled, with an unexplainable peace in your heart and a deep understanding that will soothe your soul. It's amazing! (I am still a work in progress).

Our Father will always welcome us with the warmth of his open arms, he will never turn us away. NEVER!!!!! He WOWs me!!! 😍 All we need to do is open our hearts to him. And his LOVE will take us on the most incredible journey of our ... LIVES !!

🙏 My Prayer 🙏

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