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A Soul Felt Journey

(Meditation brought me here) The narrator began to prep the usual comforting dialog.. And music began to play so softly in the back ground as he set the stage... He said go deeper within yourself.. be free...

In my minds eye I saw a vision of a ship with white billowing sails. The ship was made of cedar wood like boats of long ago... The ships wheel had been made of the same wood and had 6 handles that were beautifully carved and spaced perfectly around the round barrel. Jesus was at the helm .... then the narrator said see a large diamond like crystal rotating.. A that time I could see this multifaceted diamond in the lighthouse on the starboard side of the ship as we sailed by.. leaving our home port behind. Jesus turned to me and said... “take the wheel this is your journey. I promise I will always be by your side. But I will not sail this ship for you.'" I acknowledged his request and moved in to hold the wheel and steer the ship. He positioned himself to my right... We were sailing along so effortlessly... As we glided through the water I could feel the warm ocean breeze and the salt as it gathered in small crystals on my skin... It was a picture perfect moment.. but we could see a storm blowing just short distance ahead. I quickly put on my bright yellow rain gear to prepare for what was to come. I stood with both feet planted firmly on the deck and held the wheel firmly with both hands, as I braced myself for storm that we were about to encounter.. Jesus was still positioned at my right.. This gave me a Peace in my soul. The wind began to fiercely blow and the storm began to rage.. The sea became black as night. The waves were breaking on the deck, the lightning cracked loudly and illuminated the dark ominous sky.. I was feeling so small and fear gripped my soul. I was holding on with every ounce of strength I could muster. When all of a sudden a wave came crashing in and hit me so hard in the chest I lost my grip and control of the wheel. I slid backward towards the stern. The wheel began to spin out of control... However, Jesus never wavered.. he stood strong and mighty. And with one hand he grabbed the wheel and stopped the spinning action dead in its tracks. He looked at me and said “Come, Don’t be afraid I am here.” I made my way to his side and gripped the wheel. To my amazement the storm suddenly stopped ... The ocean became like glass, the beautiful warm breeze returned and filled the sails.. The ship returned to its smooth natural glide. I could see a pair of dolphins breaking the surface of the smooth waters ahead. We were sailing into a beautiful red sunset that seemed to be kissing the horizon. He said, "it is getting dark.. get us home." "Keep your eye on the lighthouse in front of you. Never lose focus of his light. It will always guide you home... " He again positioned himself to my right, he had his strong hands claps behind his back.. He stood like a soldier positioned ready for any battle. His head was facing forward as he gazed into the wondrous world ahead.. The wind made his hair dance softly along his face. We sailed the calm waters against the star lit sky. While the lighthouse illuminated a beautiful light that danced so effortlessly in the stillness of the dark night. The light was the guiding force that was beckoning us home.. There was such beauty in this serene peaceful moment. And the meditation ended

Lesson : Have no fear. We are never alone in any storm that comes against us. Jesus has promised to always be by our side.. He is positioned to help us fight any battle that we may face. Never lose focus, and always look to our fathers light to guide us home.

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